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Oscar G. Torres: “Postanalog”

Sweet, my show is this week and all are welcome to the opening!

Press Release:


“Jackoon” 2008 and “Jackoon v2.O” 2009, Wood, acrylic and electronic components, 8″×12″×5″

Rush Arts Gallery
526 W 26th St # 311
New York, NY 10001-5521
(212) 691-9552
January 5 – January 27, 2012
Opening Reception: January 5, 6- 8pm

Electronic artist Oscar G. Torres creates art machines or “artbots” made from hacked toys, open-source code and simple fabrication materials. As the artbots travel autonomously, they lay color on the canvas with the brushes attached to their robotic arms. Simple materials such as wood and tape are used to build these machines, which contrasts the high-tech computing systems that make them function.

The term “Postanalog” is used by Torres to encapsulate society’s current pseudo-symbiotic relationship with digital technology that is used in everything from the alarm clocks that wake us up in the morning, to the life support systems in hospitals that literary keep people alive. Digital technology has even infiltrated the deepest and most personal places of a person’s life as embodied by the mobile phone. Machines have allowed us to see new things by extending our limited, five-sense, perception of the world. They allow us to travel far beyond the limits of space and to understand that even “thin air” is a sea of complex matter. Society is dependant on digital technology. Machines are the cradle to our civilization and their absence would result in collapse. “Postanalog” is a term that suggests the embrace of technology as a tool to help humanity thrive, and now, a tool for art.

An das Gerät! Weimar, Germany

Stadtschloss Castle

Art Robotica will be part of an international group show at ACC Gallery in Weimar Germany. If you are around the area, I encourage you to go see the great art and the great town!
Here are the details and the flyer:

Opening ReceptIon
Sunday, October 17, 2010
Exhibition runs from: October 18, 2010 to January 2, 2011

ACC Galerie Weimar
Burgplatz 1 + 2
99423 Weimar
T +49 (0) 36 43 – 85 12 61
F +49 (0) 36 43 – 85 12 63

Exhibit at HALLE 14, An Das Gerät!

If you are in Leipzig, Germany between May 1st to July 25, 2010 then you should check out this group show at Halle 14 in Leipzig.

The Exhibit opens on Saturday, May 1st, 2010 @ 11:00 am.

I will have four little artbots on display along side of other amazing work by international artists such as:


Jackoon at NYC Resistor Show

NYC Resistor is hosting “Art, Design, and the Arduino: a lineage” Curated by Alicia Gibb

March 27th, 2010 8-12pm

At NYC Resistor
87 3rd Avenue,
4th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11217

$10 Admission

In addition to artworks using the Arduino, the first prototype of the original Arduino from the collection of Massimo Banzi will be shown.

Works include a lineage of variations, modifications and relations to the Arduino microcontroller:
Hc Gilje
Aaron Koblin
Laura Greig
Hernando Barragán
Edith Kollath
Jan Borchers & René Bohne
Becky Stern
Oscar G. Torres & Jackoon
Raphael Abrams
Joe Saavedra

Curated by Alicia Gibb

RSVPs are appreciated:

More about the Artists:

Google Map of show location.

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Venue image:

Jackoon at the Gizmodo Gallery 2009:

Jackoon pair Painting at Gizmodo Gallery 2009 from Oscar G. Torres on Vimeo.

Bunny The Cat Transcoded

Some Self Portraits

These images where made using Processing, Photoshop and lots of Pictures.

The WAMI on MAKE Zine

The WAMI Dome is a simple digital wave modulation instrument, which really means that it can make a bunch of cool sounds by waving your hands over it.

Jonah Brucker-Cohen Wrote a brief description of it on the Make Zine Blog.

Thanks for the shout out! =)

Wami Dome from Oscar G. Torres on Vimeo.

Living Objects Reception

Jason Krugman will be hosting a reception for his public art project titled Living Objects Opening on Sunday, Dec 13th, 6pm. The Living Objects installation will be opening in McCarren Park at the corner of Union and Driggs in Brooklyn, NYC.

Art as a Life Form

Victimless Leather by TC&A

A couple of years ago, I remember toying with the idea of using living organisms to create art. I had a few different ideas that did not materialize. Specially after having a very tough time trying to define for my self what the moral/ethical limit of art.

~Guillermo Varga

After researching projects such as Guillermo Habacuc’s “Exposición N° 1” (above) I had a more clear understanding of my stance on the matter of using animals as art.

~Damien Hirst

~Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst is also an artist that has made a large body of work with organisms including sharks, sheep and cattle to name a few. Both of these artist used animals as their subjects even-though their message was very different.

The digital age has brought us different concepts relating to art. New points of view regarding esthetics and the meaning of visual information has take a new direction. In the mid 1990s artists pioneered into the new world of digital information., and are groups that broke way from traditional art creation into the digital realm. Current art trends and our increase in technology and understanding of our world has lead many artist to branch out into various fields that where previously reserved for institutional research only, one of them being Biology.

Recent pioneers of this art include Eduardo Kac and his GFP BUNNY
Where the bunny’s genes where modified so that it adopted the gene found in jellyfish to make the bunny glow in the dark.

GFP BUNNY, Eduardo Kac

The Tissue Culture & Art (TC&A) Project is a group of people using Biology to create art. Victimless Leather is a project where leather is grown into a fully designed Garment. This project was shown at the Design and the Elastic Mind show at MoMA New York, USA

Victimless Leather, TC&A

MeArt is a semi-living artist which is part robot part neural tissue matter.

MEART, SymbioticA Research Group

MEART, SymbioticA Research Group

Earlier this year there was a iGEM competition at MIT, where collaborators from the University of Texas and UCSF unveiled their modified E. coli which acts like photographic film.

Engineered E. coli bacteria, UCSF and the University of Texas

Engineered E. coli bacteria, UCSF and the University of Texas

Latent Figure Protocol by Paul Vanouse, 2007 is a project that used the dna of organisms to create art. The DNA is processed with gel electrophoresis and shown via projection, live.

Video File

Latent Figure Protocol, Paul Vanouse, 2007

Latent Figure Protocol, Paul Vanouse, 2007

There are a variety of artists that have taken a path that some may consider a little extreme other may think its just, the moral discussion behind these works continues and artists keep pushing the limits of their craft. As progression of technology brings new understanding of life it also brings new methods and inspiration to create art.

Jackoon Pair at Gizmodo Gallery 2009

Jackoon and Jackoon v.2

Don’t worry you are not seeing double, Jackoon the painting robot has a new friend! Jackoon v.2 is an other hacked toy with a robotic arm made from Jackoon’s blue print. Jackoon v.2 made its debut at The Gizmodo Gallery exhibit and a fine job he did.

Art bots

The two artbots teamed up to make the paintings of a few subjects including one of the king of all robots R2D2!

R2D2 by Jackoon and Jackoon v2

The robots used this image as a reference and painted the composition with gray, orange, yellow and black.

2/3 of the way into the painting, I made an outline of where R2D2 was located on the painting. You can see the subtle contour of r2’s body on the robotic painting. I was really happy with the resulting painting.

r2d2 by Jackkon pair