The Pianocktail

What if you could drink a song? What would the Black and Tan Fantasy taste like?
The Pianocktail is a project that attempts to give us the experience of synesthesia and be able to taste music by mixing a cocktail according to what you played in the piano.

The Pianocktail works by sitting in a stool that has a sensor which tells the Pianocktail that someone is ready to play a tune. The Pianocktail then records all the keys and notes that are played. When the person playing the Pianocktail stands up, the mixing of liquids begin. Little lights under the bottles indicate which ingredient is being dispensed. After a minute or so, the drink will be ready! What does it taste like? I guess you will have to find out your self one day!

Don’t know how to play the piano? Well, you could play your self a strange drink, or you could have one of your friends play you a Beethoven Symphony.

The Pianocktail by Flor and Oscar

This is what the wiring of the Pianocktail looks like:
The Pianocktail

A video of a person playing himself a drink at the ITP Winter Show ’08:

The Pianocktail by Florica and Oscar from Oscar G. Torres on Vimeo.

Art Robotica

This is some of the art that was created by Jackoon and my self for my Thesis Presentation titled “Art Robotica: Art generated by the collaboration of autonomous painting machines and artists who capture subject matter that appeals to the senses or emotions.” for more information on the process visit

“Lemon Wasp” 2009
Acrylic on paper, 48”x 48”

“Daisy” 2009
Acrylic on paper, 48”x 40”

The Art Bots:

Jackoon at work:

Jackoon Painting from Oscar G. Torres on Vimeo.

Art Robotica by Jackoon and Oscar

These are some of the Paintings that I made with Jackoon at the ITP Spring 2009 show:

Reference image, wasp on a flower:


Collaborative Painting:

Reference image, rodent skull:

Jackoon Painting:

As you can see on the painting of the Skull, Jackoon managed o paint the general area where the skull should be. The brush strokes where not as precise as should be, because the lighting conditions where not optimal at the ITP show so the tracking system was a little off.

Someone at the ITP show told me something really inspiring; “This is the worst work that [Jackoon] and the other artbots will paint. They will only get better.” I agree, even now the paintings are amazing.

Sleeping Angel

I made this painting back in January, Its the only oil painting I have made so far in 2009.

Sleeping Angel

Oil on Canvas, 48″ x 30″


sleeping angel sketch

Live Model Renderings




Heart Compositon II

Self Portrait with Wasp

Cityscape- Upper East Side

Self Portrait with Dinosaur

Self Portrait with snowboarder